Undergraduate Members 

Nolwazi Mbambo

Degree Registered for: BSocSci Geography and Environmental Management 

Research Interests: Climate change, water systems, sustainability and environmental management 

Potential Career Field: Environmental managemtn, wildlife conservation, town planning 

Nolwazi is currently completing her Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Geography and Environmental Management at UKZN (PMB). She is enjoying her studies and is learning new things everyday. Nolwazi has a passion and interest in water systems,climate change, environmental management and sustainability grows further.she is also particularly interested in town planning and is currently exploring this field through research. 

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Nwabisa Mkize

Nwabisa Mkize is a third year Geography and Environmental Management student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg. Her plans are to further her studies and enroll in an honors degree preferably at the institution she is currently in. Nwabisa is very passionate about the environment she is particularly interested in the issues of climate change, water scarcity as well as forestry which she will base her honors, masters and PhD if she gets the opportunity to further her studies.

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Vuyelwa Masango

Degree registered for: BSocSci Geography and Environmental Management 
Research Interests: Water systems, Geography, GIS, Biogeography, Environmental issues and conclusions.
Potential career field: Environmental management, Conservation, GIS and Town planning

Vuyelwa is currently in her second year at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and is intrigued by the environment, which is why she likes learning about it and its effects. She is also interested in how humans can control or reduce the problems that erupt within the environment. Vuyelwa is keen to get more experience through fieldwork during her degree and to develop a more informed knowledge of the environment.