Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of committee members are Adowa Awuah, Anke Scharlach, Candice Webster, Dayle Trotter, Kusasa Sithole, Laila Hansrod, Matthew Dickey, Nosipho Makaya, Ntombifuthi Nzimande, Paul Jorgensen, Salona Reddy, Samiksha Singh, Sizwe Nkambule, Tarryn Frankland and Victoria Soutar. See their profiles below.

Adowa Awuah
Membership Officer and GreenPiece Editor

Degree Registered For: MSc Environmental Science

Research Interests: Freshwater and terrestrial ecology

Anke Scharlach

Undergraduate Representative

Degree Registered for: BSc Environmental Science

Research Interests: Grassland Science, Biogeography, Environmental Systems, Wildlife Conservation and Conversation in general.

Potential Career Field: Grassland Scientist, Environmental Manager, Environmental Consultant, Research or Environmental Educator.

Anke is currently in her Honours year at UKZN, PMB and will major in both Environmental Science and Life Sciences. She is a dedicated and determined student that cares deeply about the environment and is concerned about the future of our planet. She plans to do further research in conservation of the grasslands biome or biogeography, which she hopes to pursue after graduating in 2016.

Anke has considered becoming an environmental educator where she can share her passion and love of the natural world with others that may not have had the same opportunities as her. It is important to her, that people use resources responsibly and sustainably and would enjoy teaching other how to go about doing this.

Anke loves the outdoors. She enjoys camping, hiking and going on game drives and she doesn’t mind getting dirty! Other hobbies of hers include sports and being creative.

Durban Student Branch Representative 


Dayle Trotter

Staff Representative

Degree registered for: PhD (Geography) in Environmental Management, UKZN (PMB)

Research interests: Environmental Management, assessment tools (EIAs, SEAs, EMFs, etc)

Dayle practiced as an environmental scientist for an international company of civil engineers and environmental practitioners (SRK Consulting), gaining several years’ experience in the specific fields of environmental impact assessment, environmental compliance monitoring and public participation, working on a range of projects, processes and applications for commercial clients, parastatals, provincial government departments as well as local and district municipalities.  Dayle now lectures undergraduate and post-graduate modules in physical geography and environmental management, her research interests and expertise focusing on environmental policy, governance and practice. She is currently reading for her PhD, the focus of which is on the relationship between South Africa’s environmental regulatory framework (IEM) and local economic development (LED), in the context of the country’s sustainability agenda.  She also supervises post-graduate research in geographical and environmental management issues, and has examined (internal and external) a number of post-graduate research dissertations at an Honours and Masters level. She is passionately involved in the mentoring and guiding of students in career decisions and assistance with internship placements and work experience (IAIAsa KZN Student Branch).

Kusasalethu Sithole

National Student 


Degree registered for:  MSc Environmental Science
Research Interests:   Remote sensing, GIS, climate change, urbanisation.

Kusasa is currently doing his Masters (MSc) in Environmental Science at UKZN, Pietermaritzburg. His proposed project involves studying the feasibility of using land surface temperature and topographic variables to model vegetative structure at a landscape scale. Using his project management skills and geography skills, he wants to place more focus on projects that not only contribute to society’s socioeconomic state, but also help manage the environment sustainably. He believes that sustainable development is a system-based challenge that needs system-based strategies. Therefore he is always looking for opportunities to network; improve his appreciation of the current socio-political and economic situation; acquire thorough understanding of environmental issues and practice interdisciplinary approaches to solving such problems.

Laila Hansrod
Events Co-ordinator

Laila is currently in her first year of Masters in Environmental Science at UKZN Pietermaritzburg. She previously attended Pietermaritzburg Girls' High School and is originally from Pietermaritzburg . She works part time with her uncle at his engineering firm - Hansrod Consulting, from which she has learnt a great deal and gained valuable experience. Laila is very organised and hard working, and hopes to continue her studies further and complete her honours, after which she would like to complete her masters.

Laila is passionate about the environment, creating awareness about climate change and the understanding the impacts that humans have on the environment. The Earth and it's processes are so complex and Laila would like to be able to understand it better. She would like to eventually branch off into environmental law, as she believes that branching off into environmental law will enable her to not only create awareness but actually make a difference as well as make her more knowledgeable about the current processes and requirements of the law with regards to the environment and development in South Africa.

Matthew Dickey


Degree registered for: BSc Hons (Geography and Environmental Management)
Research interests: Environmental management, Biogeography, Conservation, Zoogeography.
Potential career field: Environmental Impact Assessment, Conservation


Matthew Dickey is currently his Masters in Environmental Science at UKZN, Pietermaritzburg. He has shown keen interest and initiative in the Environmental Field, by engaging in vacation work during the completion of his Degree. He was involved with vacation work for a company called Aeon lighting technologies (ALTSA) to conduct a pre-feasibility analysis for the possible implementation of green technologies which would produce 100MW for an Independent Power Producer (IPP). Matthew is hard working and consistent.

View Matthew's CV here

Nosipho Makaya
Events co-ordinator

Ntombifuthi Nzimande
Marketing and Post graduate Representative

Degree Registered For: BSSc: Geography and Environmental Management

Research Interests: SIA and EIA studies, water issues and community development

Potentially Career Field: SIAs, EAP, ECO and Researcher.

Ntombifuthi is 21 years old and currently pursuing her final year in her undergraduate Bachelor of Social Science degree in Geography and Environmental ManagementMasters in Environmental Science in the University of KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg campus. She is a hard-working student that has an extrovert personality. Ntombifuthi loves her degree as its allows her to combine two issues she is passionate about: community development and environmental management.

During the university vacation, Ntombifuthi assists the post graduate students with their research in and around Pietermaritzburg communities. Through helping these students and being an active member in environmental and community organizations such as Activate! Leadership and IAIAsa, Ntombifuthi is planning to continue her studies in Social Impact Assessment and to try to reduce the social and cultural impacts of a development in our environment.

Paul Jorgensen


Current CareerPaul is currently working at SRK Consulting as an Environmental Scientist in Johannesburg. He is involved on an EIA for AngloAmerican and is part of the policy and governance team within SRK for various projects. 

Paul completed his MSc in Environmental Sciences at the University of KwaZulu Natal, with a focus on Ecosystem Goods and Services, corporate sustainability and local government decision-making. He has been an active member in IAIAsa since 2007 and during this time saw him found the IAIAsa Student Branch and hold a position on the KwaZulu-Natal regional committee. Paul was also selected as one of twenty international award winners of the Green Talent competition in 2010. The winners are awarded for their creative and intelligent solutions in the fields of sustainable development and are hosted by the German Ministry for Research and Education. As a result of the award, he worked at the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), Bonn Germany, with the focus on developing responsible tourism strategies for Sustainable Land Management in the High Pamir and Pamir-Alai Mountains (PALM) in Kyrgyzstan. During his time as an MSc candidate Paul also lectured first year modules on Atmospheric, Climatic and Geomorphological Processes and a third year environmental management component on ecosystem goods and services. He also held the position of lead senior geography tutor for the Humanities Faculty Access programme, which aimed to bridge the gap between learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and university curriculum.

Salona Reddy

Degree Registered For: MSc Environmental Science

Research Interests: Climate change and palaeoclimatology

Salona is currently conducting her MSc in Environmental Sciences at UKZN (PMB). Her research interests are focused on climate change and palaeoclimatology. Salona’s research is concerned with palaeoenvironmental analysis where preserved charcoal and pollen in a blocked valley lake are a basis for interpreting fire regimes and vegetation dynamics and local environmental response to extreme events. She has found a new form of interest particularly in Environmental Law and plans to study this post her MSc. She also has a particular interest in GIS and practically applying it to areas of disaster and in the effects of climate change on sustainable development, essential resources and Sustainable Economic Energy. In addition, Salona has a great interest in nature, particularly birds, and has a passion to uphold conservation and bridge the gap between citizens and conservation.

Samiksha Singh
Out going Chairperson

Current Career: Samiksha is currently working for the Institute of Natural Resources
Research Interests: Ecosystem health, conservation, GIS and remote sensing, sustainable development 

Samiksha has completed her MSc in Environmental Science. Her research looks at algae species composition and biomass together with its susceptibility to changes in flow and nutrient conditions as well as its relationship to invertebrate grazers as an indication of ecosystem health. Limited research has been conducted in the field of algae as an indicator of ecosystem health, especially in a summer rainfall region such as KwaZulu-Natal. Sam's research is conducted at five sites, two sites comparable due to their similarities in flow conditions but differences in nutrient conditions, while the other two sites are comparable as they have similarities in their flow conditions but differences in their nutrient contents, the fifth site is used as a reference site which has generally unaffected flow and nutrient conditions. Her other interest include caring for and conservation of the environment, GIS and remote sensing as well as sustainable development. 

View Sam's CV here

Sizwe Nkambule
Durban Student Branch Representative


Tarryn Frankland
Vice-Chair Person and Secretary

Degree registered for: MSc Environmental Science

Tarry is currently studying towards her MSc in Environmental Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg. Her proposed project involves a multidisciplinary exchange to Germany to correlate sediment transport dynamics along the Mzimvubu River with a marine core taken at the Mzimvubu mouth in the Indian Ocean. The project falls under the RAiN (Regional Archives for Integrated investigations) collaboration in Germany and involves scientists from UKZN, University of Cape Town, University of Witwaterstrand and the centre for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM). Through her research, Tarryn wishes to promote the importance of multidisciplinary research for the betterment and enhancement of climate change data in South Africa. Tarryn previously attended Epworth Independent High School for Girls where she was actively involved in her academic, sporting and music activities. Her hobbies include, cooking, playing the piano, choir, running, hiking and cycling. She is a dedicated and diligent student that puts her heart into her work and studies. Tarryn is a family orientated person and believes in a fulfilling, healthy and happy lifestyle. She will likely continue towards her PhD after completing masters and then into consultant work as an Environmental specialist.

Victoria Soutar
Social Media Manager

Degree registered for: MSc Agricultural Science

Research interests: Market access for rural smallholder farmers, accreditations, PGS, CSA, Food Security

Victoria is currently completing an MAgric in Food Security at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg. Her project is looking at the constraints faced by smallholder farmers in regards to market access, mainly focusing on accreditations needed to access formal markets. Victoria is interested in food security and how the change and adaption of related accreditations and policies in markets can uplift communities and local economies and reduce food insecurity.